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Finding Square Holes e-workbook 

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Know Yourself  e-workbook

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Psychological Type: a self-assessment e-programme
Getting to know your strengths is essential for career success, and exploring your personal style or type is one of the fastest methods.  There are several ways of doing this – books, coaching, courses, and.... free internet questionnaires.

So….. why buy ‘Psychological Type: a self-assessment e-programme’?

Even the most researched and validated instrument for measuring psychological type, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, only claims to be fully accurate for 75% of people. That’s why it's important to have personal feedback from a qualified type counselor. Free questionnaires on the web are likely to be much less accurate and can be unhelpful at best, and very misleading at worst. 
That’s why we have developed the Psychological Type Self-Assessment e-programme (PTSA). The PTSA works on the principle that you are the only person who can select a psychological type that is right for you, and that a questionnaire is just one of several steps you can take to do that. Comprising a questionnaire, explanations of all the preferences, and full descriptions of each psychological type, you give yourself the best possible chance of finding the right type for you. 
There’s also a section ‘What your type means for work and career’, so you can start using your new insights straight away! 
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NEW! Now available in KINDLE format

Finding Square Holes
Discover who you really are and find the perfect career

Finding Square Holes is unique in taking a predominantly self-reflective approach to career development, combining techniques from personal development theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Myers-Briggs model of personality.

If you’re in a fix in your career, either trying to decide what to do or disgruntled with your current job, this is the book for you. Starting with the premise that you can’t achieve happiness in anything if you don’t know what you want in life, the book uses an engaging approach to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Filled with anecdotes, insights and exercises, you are shown how to lay the foundations needed for taking control of your career. This new self-knowledge is used to guide you in a highly practical and self-motivating process of research, networking and goal-setting.

  • Highly practical and easy to read
  • Unique combination of NLP, the Myers-Briggs model and other practical tools for turning ideas into reality
  • accompanying e-workbook available separately for £7.99

Price £9.99

'While a good book can never be quite as interactive as a good friend, this one is the next best thing - a practical, thought-provoking, advice-filled guide to creating a career that fits you both as you are and as you'd like to be.'
Michael Neill, Trainer, author and coach.

'It works like tossing a jigsaw box in the air - to have all the pieces float back down into picture-perfect formation.'
Susan Wallace, Journalist

Know Yourself
the individual's guide to career development in healthcare.

This user-friendly guide will help health professionals take control of their careers.  

By involving the reader in a personal journey of positive reflection the book focuses on abilities, enjoyment and personal satisfaction in the workplace, then based on this new-found knowledge, offers advice on practical ways forward.

Know Yourself is unique in using two types of therapeutic approaches to self-development; understanding the relationship between job satisfaction and personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and understanding how both external indicators and internal thought patterns contribute to career problems, using the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Any healthcare professional who would like to increase their fulfilment and satisfaction at work, or improve their work-life balance, will find this book inspirational and potentially life changing. It will also be of use to career advisors and counsellors.

'If you work through this book I can guarantee that by the end of it two things will have happened - you will be in a much better position to plan and execute your future career, and you will feel a lot better than you do now'

Price 23.95

Accompanying e-workbook available separately for £7.99

How to shine at interviews: A guide to preparation
Giving yourself the best chance of success

Going for an interview is not too different from going to an exam, except that only one person can pass. If you're wonderfully articulate and have sailed through every interview you've been to, then you probably don't need this. But if you get anxious, have not got jobs you think you should, or are going for a really important job that you don't want to leave to chance, then this programme gives you everything you need to ensure a thorough preparation.

Just don't leave it too late!

Price  £10.00


How to shine at medical interviews: A guide to preparation
The same as above, but with special reference to medical interviews.



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