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While work has the ability to provide fulfilment, enjoyment and a sense of identity and achievement, it also has the ability, on occasion, to provide stress, crises, and even injury.

Are you, or someone you are responsible for, having problems with:
- Relating to colleagues?
- Performance/complaints/litigation?
- Stress or lack of confidence?
- Career progression, exams or job interviews?
- Bullying or harassment? >more
- Burnout?

All work-related problems provide two challenges: the problem itself, and the secondary damage to a person’s mental and/or physical health. This may include anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia, psycho-somatic disorders.

Coaching provides methods both for tackling the specific problem, and for dealing with the psychological effects.

Clients report increased confidence, gaining perspective on themselves and their lives, and getting back to being productive and happy at work.

"I’ve just got a consultant job, and I could never have done it without your help"
A specialist registrar who had been bullied by a supervisor


Group development workshops and programmes

All staff need to develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence in order to be effective in the workplace. Sometimes that need becomes especially pressing; for example in organisations or departments where the culture has traditionally encouraged or condoned aggressive or uncooperative behaviours.  In those circumstances, developmental programmes for groups is more appropriate and economical than individual coaching.  

Examples of developmental areas where training may be provided:

Understanding diversity of personality and it's implications 
Better relationships at work
Stress and time management
Survival skills for consultants and juniors
Work-life balance
Emotional intelligence
Bullying: awareness-raising and management
Career workshops for juniors
What next? Career development workshops for consultants